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Envirotize Step-1 Xtreme Vapor OPTIONAL But Well Worth It!

In step one of our Envirotize™ professional sanitizing process, we use an air energized vapor that will cover the entire inside of your home or business. First, we measure the property to determine how many Xtreme-Vapor stations we need to fill the inside with our...

Are You Concerned For Your Employees & Clients?

Find Out How You Can Be The Hero Are you concerned about how healthy your business is when it comes to germs, bacteria, and viruses? Are you concerned for the safety of your customers and employees? Do you want to make sure you meet both...

You Should Be Concerned

Find Out Why Are you concerned about how healthy your home is when it comes to germs, bacteria, and viruses? Have you purchased a new home and want to remove the old DNA? Do you have a family member who is sick, and you need to disinfect...


How Do We Accomplish The Impossible? “We Have A SECRET That We Want To Share With You…” Envirotize™ Uses Advanced Testing Methods That Will Open Your Eyes To The Invisible World Of Germ Removal Where The Impossible Becomes Possible ...

Cleaning Touchpoints Fort Collins

When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Touchpoints? Did You Know That There Are3 Types Of Indoor Touchpoints? Find Out What They AreAny Why 2 of The 3 TouchpointsShould Not Concern You Learn From The Pros How To Properly Clean & Disinfect All Your Indoor...

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